we have history.

Silver Star Nutrition, founded in 2014, has a team with 20 plus years of nutritional business knowledge and experience.  With our knowledge and experience we developed our own standards of what high-quality products should be.  Our commitments are simple; our ingredient lists have to be clean and of the purest form. Since that time, we continue to develop innovated products for endurance and college athletes, individuals looking for health and wellness as well as families that can’t seem to find their nutritional aid they are looking for.

we are different.

SILVER STAR NUTRITION launched with our own set of standards. Our commitments were simple; our ingredients had to be simple, they had to serve a purpose, and we had to be focused on quality. We are passionate and dedicated to sport, to nutrition, and to ever changing goals.

we keep it simple.

We first launched with our Natural Whey Protein. Our ingredient deck is minimal, because we believe in the honesty and integrity of our ingredients. We don’t need to hide anything, we don’t have ingredients we question, and we don’t include filler.

our products have stories.

Every product formulated is created with purpose. Our commitment and obsession with nutrition has led to an open door policy with athletes and goal seekers zealous for change. Whether it was our endurance athletes that were eager to find a product to rid them of the inevitable gut rot or our personal trainers looking for a low calorie high fiber option, we were there.

we are meticulous.

We are nerds, compassionate, genuine nerds that get excited about nutrition. We test, retest, sample, try again, start over, sample, etc. until we can fully believe our products.

we don’t take the easy route, we take the right route.