Taste Bud Tuesday – Peanut Butter!


It’s a spooktacular #TastebudTuesday!!

We tried something a little bit different today and made homemade PROTEIN PEANUT BUTTER. Wowza.

Just think about it, peanut butter goes with everything; toast, pancakes, bananas, pizza..yes, pizza, eggs, everything.

Here’s what you need;

3 Cups salted peanuts
1 Scoop Silver Star Nutrition Natural protein


Put the peanuts in a food processor and press start. Let the food processor do the job. There will be a moment of pure panic when you thinking; “is the food processor going to blow up?!” Great question but no. It’s a normal process. After that, the peanuts make an oil and it will turn into creamy goodness. Now add the protein and blend until smooth.

Boo! Oops I mean, Boom.

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